Pregnancy Massage

“What are the benefits of a Pregnancy Massage?”
“What is the best time to come in for a massage?”
“How can I get the most out of my massage?”
“Why is it important to be treated by a therapist who has trained in pregnancy massage?”
“Do I have to lie on my tummy?”
“Will the massage bring on labour?”
“Do you offer massage Gift Vouchers?”
“Do you offer home visits?”
“What do I have to wear?”
“How can I pay?”
“What are your hours of operation?”
“What is your cancellation policy regarding a massage?”

Postnatal Massage

“How soon after giving birth can I have a massage?
“What are the benefits of a postnatal massage?”
“Is my baby allowed to come in with me?”

Baby Massage

“Where do you run the baby massage session?”
“What should I bring to the massage session?”
“What if my baby is unsettled, asleep or requires a feed during the session?”