My Story

Welcome at Adeo Massage Pregnancy & More!

Hi, I'm Carola, a qualified, experienced massage therapist. Since 2010 I have been working as a therapist in the health, wellness and beauty-fitness industry in the Netherlands, Spain and Australia.

In September 2023 I proudly opened my own massage studio in the extension next to my house in Heemstede.

For the expectant mother I wanted to be able to give a well-supported massage treatment and that is why, in addition to the NGS sports masseur that I had been for years, I also became a certified pregnancy masseur (training in Australia).

At Adeo Massage Pregnancy & More we want women to have confidence in their body and baby, that they work on good health during their pregnancy, but also afterwards.

During your pregnancy, so much changes in your body. Regular pregnancy massage helps support the many changes your body undergoes from week to week, allowing the body to adapt during pregnancy. Some advantages are; relaxation, better sleep, it soothes your physical discomfort, gives you better circulation and you will just feel better. Another plus; Regular massage has been shown to help with better, smoother labor.

As a mother of 2 beautiful sons, I know that life can be challenging and that your body can use regular maintenance with all those daily challenges of motherhood. Self care is not selfish! When I was pregnant, I could have used some relaxation, pain relief, and me baby time. Unfortunately, I only booked a massage two days before my second child was expected. If I had known then how soothing, healing and enriching these treatments are, I would have made an appointment much earlier!

Even now as a 50-year-old it is important to make time for myself and that is why I offer "More. This stands for Mama's Revival Massage. We understand the importance of taking time for yourself amid the hustle and bustle of motherhood. Let our massages for (new) moms recharge your batteries and give them new energy.

Stay up to date with all the latest news and updates by following me on Instagram or Facebook. I am very much looking forward to welcoming you soon in my studio, and I would like to thank you very much for visiting my website.

With warm regards,

Carola van der Kooij