Pregnancy Massage: Enjoy Relaxation & Attention

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Treat yourself to a moment of complete relaxation and indulge in a blissful pregnancy massage.

During this special time, your body will change, and a pregnancy massage can alleviate any discomfort and promote overall well-being throughout your pregnancy.

I am a certified and experienced NurtureLife® Pregnancy Massage therapist ( (this is an Australian Pregnancy Massage Institute), dedicated to providing specialized massage treatments that support women nurturing new life from the early weeks of pregnancy to childbirth. My holistic approach focuses on enhancing both your physical and emotional well-being. During the treatment, I ensure you are in a stable side-lying position, supported by soft cushions. This position offers optimal comfort for most women, allowing me as the therapist to massage your shoulders, back, hips/pelvis, and legs without applying pressure to your lower abdomen and baby.

Why Choose a Pregnancy Massage Over a Regular Massage?

Pregnancy is a period of constant change, and a pregnancy massage specialist provides excellent support throughout the entire perinatal period. Your body experiences many changes, and the discomforts of pregnancy can be relieved. I firmly believe that a well-supported mum will have a wonderful journey into motherhood. Regular massages during your pregnancy help your body adapt to to the weekly changes it undergoes.

Pregnancy Massage: Enjoy Relaxation & Attention

Pregnancy massage offers more than just relief from physical discomforts. It is also a well-deserved pampering during this special time. As your body adjusts to the changes that come with pregnancy, you deserve moments of relaxation and self-care. A pregnancy massage is the ideal way to pamper yourself and take a break from the busyness of daily life, while establishing a beautiful connection with your baby. This takes place in a warm, safe, and nurturing environment where you, as a mom-to-be, have the time to embrace your pregnancy, rest, and recharge.

Discover the Many Benefits of Preganancy Massage:

Experience the unique benefits of a pregnancy massage. From relaxation to pain management, our treatments address a range of discomforts such as:

  • Total relaxation to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Specialized massage techniques targeting the pelvis, groin, hips, and lower back to reduce pelvic pain and rib pain common in third trimester.
  • Shoulder and neck massage help to relieve tension (especially beneficial for breastfeeding moms).
  • Potential reduction of hormonal headaches.
  • Improved sleep patterns.
  • Reduction of swelling and discomfort in the legs and arms due to its diuretic effects, which also reduces the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Enhanced blood circulation, potentially reducing leg cramps.
  • Focus on mother-baby connection.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Promotion of a healthier and more enjoyable pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage Packages:

Make it a day of relaxation by combining your prenatal check-up with a rejuvenating pregnancy massage. Alternatively, choose one of our three pregnancy packages to enjoy discounted rates on multiple massages.

Schedule your appointment today for a soothing pregnancy massage and embrace a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy.

Price List

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a special time in which your body will change and a pregnancy massage can soothe away your aches and pains and promote general well-being during pregnancy. Each treatment will be safe, gentle and tailored to your individual needs.

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Labour Preparation Massage

Labour Preperation Massage is about supporting your body into labour. This massage is all about relaxation and to prepare the mother-to-be for labour as part of birth plan, to get a calm mindset and assist the natural process of her body when it is ready for labour. As you reach the 38 weeks, or pass the due date, I can include acupressure points to your pregnancy massage to help prepare you and your body for labour.

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Postnatal Massage Heemstede

Postnatal Massage

Motherhood is the most rewarding yet challenging adventure you will ever go on. The first weeks after giving birth is the perfect time to recharge, readjust the mind and body to motherhood. New Mums need time to relax and reduce any pain or discomforts onset in pregnancy and labour.

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Baby Massage

Learn the right baby massage techniques and discover that massage can help your child settle, sleep better, reduce crying and relieve problems such as wind, colic, constipation, reflux and eczema. It even helps reduce post-natal depression. Massage is more than just relaxation; it is a perfect way to bond with your baby.


Baby massage Heemstede
kom om adem laad je batterij op

Mama's Revival Massages

Let our massages for new moms recharge your batteries and infuse you with fresh energy. We understand how crucial it is to take time for yourself amidst the whirlwind of motherhood. Our treatments are designed to help you relax, rediscover your inner strength, and leave you with a sense of renewed vitality. So, give yourself the well-deserved care you need and experience the positive change it can bring to your life.

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