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Chiropractic care during and after pregnancy for you and your baby

Pain-free movement and good mobility of your lower back and pelvis are important for both you as an expectant mother, before childbirth, as well as for your baby. I can help you with that through chiropractic care. I specialize in pregnancy and postpartum treatments for you or your baby.

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Tamar Bakker

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PowerMama Coach at Personal Trainer 

Are you pregnant or have you recently given birth and do you want to continue exercising in a responsible way or pick up sports again?

As a Personal Trainer specialized in training during and after pregnancy, it is my mission to empower mothers. Literal. Because of my experience both as a mother and as a trainer, I know how I can help you achieve your sports and fitness goals.

Even if you already have / still have complaints. You may want to stay fit or prevent (worsening) complaints during pregnancy. Or you want to build up a strong core, strength and condition again after giving birth. Or lay a good foundation to be able to practice your old sport (e.g. tennis, hockey, running, boot camp or CrossFit) again. Let me make you a stronger mommy!

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Claire Goossens (sterker mama)