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Great news! My Massage Practice for Pampering Moms is officially open and I can't wait to welcome you!

It's all about you and providing an oasis of relaxation, specifically designed to nurture and care for mothers. Whether you're pregnant, have recently given birth, or are already a seasoned mom, you can come here to relax and recharge your batteries.

You can now easily make an appointment online via the website. With just a few clicks, you'll be closer to the refreshment and relaxation you crave.

So what are you waiting for? Read more on this website, check availability and book your pampering moment. I can’t wait to see you and let you enjoy a well-deserved pampering moment. Book now and start your relaxation journey!

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Praktijk Adeo Massage Pregnancy & More

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy is a special time in which your body will change and a pregnancy massage can soothe away your aches and pains and promote general well-being during pregnancy. Each treatment will be safe, gentle and tailored to your individual needs.


Postnatal Massage

Motherhood is the most rewarding yet challenging adventure you will ever go on. The first weeks after giving birth is the perfect time to recharge, readjust the mind and body to motherhood. New Mums need time to relax and reduce any pain or discomforts onset in pregnancy and labour.


Labour Preparation Massage

Labour Preperation Massage is about supporting your body into labour. This massage is all about relaxation and to prepare the mother-to-be for labour as part of birth plan, to get a calm mindset and assist the natural process of her body when it is ready for labour. As you reach the 38 weeks, or pass the due date, I can include acupressure points to your pregnancy massage to help prepare you and your body for labour.


Mama's Revival Massages

Let our massages for new moms recharge your batteries and infuse you with fresh energy. We understand how crucial it is to take time for yourself amidst the whirlwind of motherhood. Our treatments are designed to help you relax, rediscover your inner strength, and leave you with a sense of renewed vitality. So, give yourself the well-deserved care you need and experience the positive change it can bring to your life.


Baby Massage

Learn the right baby massage techniques and discover that massage can help your child settle, sleep better, reduce crying and relieve problems such as wind, colic, constipation, reflux and eczema. It even helps reduce post-natal depression. Massage is more than just relaxation; it is a perfect way to bond with your baby.


This is what our customers say

Super relaxing – I fell asleep so obviously needed a good massage.


I really liked the massage today, especially the hip part and the stretching. The belly massage at the end was very relaxing. The back and shoulder massage were very nice as well. 


This was my first massage ever and I really liked it! The pressure was fine and also the stretching. In the second half I fell asleep. 


Very relaxed and calm - Massage was very good with combination of stretching & massage. Felt very supported throughout massage even though I’m very pregnant. Excellent experience, can’t wait for the next one.


Carola really helped me get relaxed and help my body get ready for labour - Being 39 weeks I was feeling tired, sore and had swollen feet. After my massage I felt baby get ready and engage. So happy and can't wait for my postnatal massage.


I experienced my first massage at Adeo at 13 weeks pregnant and it was A-Mazing! It was so comfortable, relaxing and nurturing for my body, I think I feel asleep at least 5 times! I’m looking forward to my regular appointments throughout my pregnancy journey.


Very relaxing. Almost felt a sleep, great service and warm welcoming.


I gained from this experience relaxation and posturing.


Not only was the massage incredible relaxing but I felt my body centre and my baby responded.


Feeling very relaxed and relief of tension & muscle tightness and pain.


Opportunity for more connection, interaction and relaxation


My son and I attended Carola’s 4 week Infant Massage course and we enjoyed every minute of it. Carola provides a welcoming and calm environment were you are able to learn the specific techniques. It is a great way to bond with your little one. I highly recommend Carola’s course.


In this introduction course I learnt how to massage my son to support circulation and calming time.


Bonding time with my baby


This introduction course taught skills to help baby relax and enjoy massage.


Provided bonding time.


Een echte aanrader, professioneel met goede ondersteuning en een ontspannende massage. Ze weet echt wat ze doet.


Very relaxing and gentle


Ik vond de Bevalling massage heel fijn. Het is rustig gebleven vannacht, maar hopelijk heb ik genoeg rust om baby te laten komen.


Massage vond ik heerlijk ontspannen


De zwangerschap massage was erg prettig met extra aandacht voor specifieke klachten. Daarna voelde ik mij erg ontspannen en energiek. Carola creeert een ontspannen sfeer en daarmee fijne 'me-time' voor mama en baby.


De massage was heerlijk en ben relaxed. Dank je wel ook nog voor alle tips, gaan de punten lekker masseren en probeer verder rustig aan te doen zodat het hormoon lekker opgewekt wordt:). 


Vlak voor mijn uitgerekende datum had ik een hele fijne ontspannings massage bij Adeo van Carola. Het was erg prettig om zo diep in ontspanning te kunnen zakken, precies wat nodig is in deze fase!


Adeo Massage Pregnancy & More

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